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Sourdough Bread

An Introduction

Sourdough bread is where the joy of baking and marvel of natural processes collide to form an incredible food. The fermentation process that dough is put through in effort to make sourdough unlocks amazing nutrition from flour that would otherwise be neglected.

Artisan and home sourdough bakers have been rapidly increasing in number. Alongside that, the realization continues to grow that commercial yeast and industrial bread manufacturing have severe shortcomings.

We’re on a mission to bring more people to see the benefits of real bread, and help spread the love of creating authentic loaves for sharing.

Learning the Basics of Sourdough

Baking bread can be tricky for anybody. When it comes to sourdough, this is brought to another level of complicated. There are many factors to be taken into account when aiming for a perfect loaf. Even the pros mess up from time to time. There’s no shame in failing your first attempts. Your mistakes can make you a better baker if you let them. To help make your learning easier, we’ve outlined some resources that should be useful while starting out.

Incorporating Flavor in Your Loaves

Freshly made, basic sourdough bread is amazing. However, don’t let a plain recipe stop your creativity! Sourdough bread is ready for the adding of many different ingredients, and countless flavor variations. Even changing up your baking process can have a dramatic impact on the taste. Long cold ferments can draw out much more in sourdough than normal one day recipes.

Ways to incorporate flavor can be chalked up to these main areas: fermentation length, flour type, and added ingredients. For “normal” sourdough, added ingredients can be anything such as various oils, seeds, dried herbs, fruits, legumes, nuts, meats, and cheeses. Once you change out the water for milk, or incorporate refined sugars, etc. this may be considered (by some) as outside of “normal” sourdough bread territory.

Sourdough Bread Recipes With Add-Ins

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